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These eco-friendly nylon mesh cylinder bags keep your knitted and crocheted pieces, or any delicate washables, from stretching or snagging in the wash. Cocoknits is committed to avoiding and reducing plastic waste wherever possible, so the Sweater Care Washing Bag is woven of yarn made from recycled plastics. Use it to provide your knitted items the care they need to last for a long time, because your hand knit and crocheted pieces should be the ultimate in slow fashion. The Small Sweater Care Washing Bag is the right size to wash accessories or small garments. The Large Sweater Care Washing Bag holds sweaters or other medium to large garments.  Whether machine or hand washable, the bag will help protect your knits and keep them looking great for years to come.

  • Fine mesh bag is woven of yarn made from recycled plastic
  • Plastic zipper
  • Small Cylinder measures: 8” / 20 cm x 12" / 30 cm × 8" / 20 cm
  • Large Cylinder Measures 8" / 20 cm × 22" / 56 cm × 8" / 20 cm

Use the small bag to wash accessories and small sweaters (small adult or child/baby) and the Large Sweater Care Bag to wash sweaters and other medium to large garments. Simply fold the sweater or accessory loosely, zip it into the bag, and follow the yarn or garment manufacturer’s washing instructions. Can also be used for wet blocking and hand washing in the sink to avoid snags, pulls, and stretching.

Include with handknit gifts to help recipient care for garment properly.

Air dry thoroughly before storing.

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